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Pandora's Breakout Box

From  Theresa Ferreira 2 Years ago

Using BreakOutEdu Boxes and technology in the classroom during ELA unit on Mythology. Lesson by Tiffany Roan. DLC team includes Theresa Ferreira, Pam Baldwin, & Robyn Street

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Mrs. Dixon -SGE Kinder

From  Laurie Arnez 2 Years ago

Mrs. Dixon's Kindergarten class playing the Very Hungry Caterpillar Breakout Box Game.

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DLC PRM Digital Lesson and Learning

From  Beth Lindenmeyer 2 Years ago

Ancient World - Greek Mythology - Digital Lesson - choices for Digital Final Assessment

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Breakout Box

From  Laurie Arnez 2 Years ago

Spyder Heist Breakout Box with 5th Graders

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Physical & Chemical Change Review

From  Laurie Arnez 2 Years ago

5th Grade Science: Physical & Chemical Change Test Review.

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Birdwoman Interview

From  Mary Cole 2 Years ago

Guided reading extension for Birdwoman Interview

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DLC- Corkscrew Elementary

From  Jessica Stricker 2 Years ago

DLC-Corkscrew Elementary Lesson for Learning Goal LAFS.5.RI.3.8. The Price of Freedom Sleuth Story, Fifth Grade

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Function of the Skin

From  Laurie Arnez 3 Years ago

5th Grade Science Intro song to the functions of the skin.

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First Grade Math: Unit C Technology Integration

From  Mary Cole 3 Years ago

Digital Leaders of Colliers Tech Integration video. Featuring PES first graders using Doceri, ClassKick, Socrative, and Plickers.

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OMS ELA Poetry Unit DLC Project

From  Theresa Ferreira 3 Years ago

This is an ELA Poetry Unit in which Mrs. Roan instructed her students using flipped video and other forms of available technology in her classroom. This lesson took place after she attended DLC…

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Flipped Video - Screencast

From  Theresa Ferreira 3 Years ago

How to use flipped videos in the classroom. By T. Roan, T. Ferreira, J. Diaz, P. Baldwin from OMS

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Lely Elementary - Digital Leaders of Collier

From  Michael Nappi 3 Years ago

Introductory video from Karen Pellitiere and Michael Nappi

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