SC.4.E.6.2 Review: Physical Properties of Minerals

From  Theodore Borduas 4 Years ago

SC.4.E.6.2 Identify the physical properties of common earth-forming minerals, including hardness, color, luster, cleavage, and streak color, and recognize the role of minerals in the formation…

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GTE Science Fair

From  Theodore Borduas 5 Years ago

Golden Terrace Elementary began their science fair the first week of school. See how working on their projects over time has helped students understand the nature of science.

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GGHS Dress code video

From  rangec 4 Years ago

Titan TV Golden Gate High dress code

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2016 Science Fair Student Interview

From  westbr 5 Years ago

Right after the 2016 Collier Regional Science Fair was complete in January, I interviewed this great group of students to get a real student perspective of what it takes to produce a GREAT science…

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I Wanna Iguana.mp4

From  hinkea 4 Years ago

Principal Dr. Phips and Reading coach Mrs. Bonfitto read I Wanna Iguana for students.

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Buddy Bench

From  wilskm 3 Years ago

Buddy Bench at Estates Elementary School

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3rd wk 8 Word Task cards

From  hinkea 5 Years ago

3rd grade students practicing Microsoft Word skills

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GGHS Time Capsule

From  MagersDo 2 Years ago

The video commemorates the sealing of GGHS's Time Capsule

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Class of 2020 Clap Out

From  skudnm A year ago

Proud to be TBE

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The Gate_ 'Better Not Be The One to Doubt Us'

From  rangec 5 Years ago

Titan Basketball 2016-17

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News 5-12-17

From  machoc 4 Years ago

Palmetto Ridge High School News Broadcast for Friday, May 12, 2017. Period 1 Industry Communications Anchors: Carson ALexander, Marcos Atiles, Elyse Blank, Jack Matute, and Vince Petraglia Editor:…

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Tommie Barfield Elementary 5th Grade Graduation 2020

From  skudnm A year ago

The future is in your hands, class of 2020! We are beyond proud to be your teachers and look forward to watching you grow. Proud to be... T.B.E.

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News 05-17-19

From  machoc 2 Years ago

PRHS News for Friday, May 17, 2019 Anchor: Mr. Bremseth

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AVE Teacher of Distinction

From  ThorsePa 4 Years ago

Ms. Farrar, AVE Teacher of Distinction, describes her best practices in vocabulary.

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2017 STEAM Competition Updates.mp4

From  Theodore Borduas 4 Years ago

Updates for competitors in the 2017 STEAM Competition at FSW.

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