SC.4.E.6.2 Review: Physical Properties of Minerals

From  Theodore Borduas 4 Years ago

SC.4.E.6.2 Identify the physical properties of common earth-forming minerals, including hardness, color, luster, cleavage, and streak color, and recognize the role of minerals in the formation…

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GTE Science Fair

From  Theodore Borduas 4 Years ago

Golden Terrace Elementary began their science fair the first week of school. See how working on their projects over time has helped students understand the nature of science.

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GGHS Dress code video

From  Carlos Rangel 3 Years ago

Titan TV Golden Gate High dress code

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2016 Science Fair Student Interview

From  Ryan Westberry 4 Years ago

Right after the 2016 Collier Regional Science Fair was complete in January, I interviewed this great group of students to get a real student perspective of what it takes to produce a GREAT science…

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I Wanna Iguana.mp4

From  Amber Hinkel 3 Years ago

Principal Dr. Phips and Reading coach Mrs. Bonfitto read I Wanna Iguana for students.

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Buddy Bench

From  Melissa Wilsker 2 Years ago

Buddy Bench at Estates Elementary School

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3rd wk 8 Word Task cards

From  Amber Hinkel 4 Years ago

3rd grade students practicing Microsoft Word skills

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GGHS Time Capsule

From  Douglas Magers 2 Years ago

The video commemorates the sealing of GGHS's Time Capsule

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Class of 2020 Clap Out

From  Molly Skudnig 11 Months ago

Proud to be TBE

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The Gate_ 'Better Not Be The One to Doubt Us'

From  Carlos Rangel 4 Years ago

Titan Basketball 2016-17

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News 5-12-17

From  Cynthia Machol 4 Years ago

Palmetto Ridge High School News Broadcast for Friday, May 12, 2017. Period 1 Industry Communications Anchors: Carson ALexander, Marcos Atiles, Elyse Blank, Jack Matute, and Vince Petraglia Editor:…

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Tommie Barfield Elementary 5th Grade Graduation 2020

From  Molly Skudnig 11 Months ago

The future is in your hands, class of 2020! We are beyond proud to be your teachers and look forward to watching you grow. Proud to be... T.B.E.

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News 05-17-19

From  Cynthia Machol A year ago

PRHS News for Friday, May 17, 2019 Anchor: Mr. Bremseth

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AVE Teacher of Distinction

From  Patricia Thorsen 3 Years ago

Ms. Farrar, AVE Teacher of Distinction, describes her best practices in vocabulary.

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2017 STEAM Competition Updates.mp4

From  Theodore Borduas 4 Years ago

Updates for competitors in the 2017 STEAM Competition at FSW.

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